Asparagus dish from an award-winning German restaurant
Jörg Lehmann

The Michelin star constellation over Germany 

327 starred restaurants highlight the excellent culinary arts of Germany, including a total of 61 restaurants that pursue an exemplary sustainable philosophy and have been awarded the Green Star by the Michelin Guide. funkyGERMANY introduces the eleven green German newcomers. After all, you should know where to book a table. 

Berlin and Hamburg are the same: Seven restaurants in the vibrant cities have each been awarded a green star by the gourmet travel guide. This is proof that in the capital as well as in the Hanseatic city, there are not only first-class and innovative chefs at the stove, but also that the awareness of organic, ecologically and fairly produced products. Regionality and seasonality are becoming more and more pronounced. This is due to the fact that sustainability and consciences consumption are becoming more and more important for guests. Many attach importance to finding out how and where the processed products were produced and who produces them. 

In Hamburg, for example, the chefs get their food from the immediate vicinity, know the production companies personally or even grow their own vegetables. It is not uncommon for the products to even come from the immediate urban area. Hamburg’s “Vier und Marschlande” vegetable garden is only a few kilometers from the city center and is Northern Europe’s largest fruit-growing area “Altes Land” is right on the other side of the Elbe. This is not only sustainable in terms of protecting the environment and resources, but also greatly improves the taste and freshness of the products.

As much as all the restaurants share the claim to an environmentally friendly culture of enjoyment, the characteristics of their kitchens are just as different: from the organically certified restaurant with rural and handmade cuisine such as the Wolfs Junge, where almost everything is produced in-house and a private field is cultivated, to the traditional star restaurant, Landhaus Scherrer with classic North German cuisine, to the 100/200 Kitchen, which has meanwhile been awarded two stars. Their seasonal menus are adapted to nature, closely aligning with the respective seasons and are sometimes purely vegetarian or wild and characterized by fire and smoke. And let’s not forget the XO Seafoodbar on hip Paul-Roosen-Strasse, where fish and seafood are delicious. 

Even if the corona pandemic is not over yet, the selection of restaurants in 2022 confirms a diverse range and an unchanged high level of German gastronomy, despite difficult conditions. As the eleven new Green Star restaurants prove in an appetizing way. 

People during restaurant visit
Jay Wennington

The green newcomers are in alphabetical order:

Berchtesgaden – Lockstein 1 

Mother-daughter team, Christl and Gabi Kurz serve vegetarian table delights in several small, surprising courses. The guests take a seat in Lockstein 1 at beautifully set wooden tables. And if you like, you can rent one of the two pretty holiday apartments.

Vegetarian dishes at Lockstein 1, a Green Star restaurant

Berlin – Frea

Full taste. Zero Waste. The kitchen is modern, creative and purely vegan. The audience: locals and Berlin visitors alike. Be sure to reserve a table!

Zero Waste Kitchen of a Star Restaurant in Berlin

Berlin – Cordo

The ambience is cozy and trendy at the same time. The service is relaxed and charming. Chef Yannic Stockhausen’s cuisine is full of contrasts in flavors and textures. The menu also comes in a vegetarian version.

Cordo Berlin, awarded a Green Star by the Guide Michelin

Feldberger Seenlandschaft – Alte Schule 

Daniel Schmidthaler offers a surprise menu with six to nine courses in a former school. Whether wild game, fish, mushrooms – the products come from the immediate vicinity and reflect the chef’s closeness to nature, as well as aromatic herbs and the acidity of fruit. Sounds convincing! And you can also stay the night here if you like.

Dishes of Restaurant Alte Schule Fürstenhagen

Hamburg – Zeik 

The Zeik is one of those linear, modern, almost pure small restaurants. The North German origin of the owner and head chef, Maurizio Oster, is also reflected in his cuisine. The focus is on the region – different techniques are used to create interesting taste contrasts. At the Zeik, the chefs also serve and explain the dishes.

Excellent cuisine in the Zeik restaurant, which has been awarded a Green Star

Kassel – Mondi 

Patron Pelle Kossmann and his young team implement their own ideas. Selected seasonal products from regional producers are used for the weekly menu and the entire animal is processed. In addition, a simple, modern ambience, plus friendly, casual service and a water, flat rate. We love that!

Star restaurant in the German city of Kassel

Leipzig – Frieda

With Lisa Angermann and Andreas Reinke, product-oriented, modern dishes are served from a menu that changes monthly – alternatively, vegetarian is an option. The ambience is uncomplicatedly chic. The service, trained and charming. There is also a terrace and an orangery.

Munich – Green Beetle 

As the name suggests, the Green Beetle only cooks vegetarian and vegan. From the products to the furnishings, environmental awareness is the focus. Pleasantly relaxed service and a covered terrace.

Sustainable dishes from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Munich

Nuremberg – Etz

Fruit and vegetables are planted and grown here. In fact, everything is self-produced, from the ham, to the butter, to the miso and vinegar. This is Felix Schneider’s new place of work after “Sosein” in Heroldsberg. Etz follows its own philosophy with creative and detailed dishes in a lively atmosphere.

Seasonal and regional dishes from the etz restaurant, which has been awarded a Green Star by the Guide Michelin

Nuremberg – Veles 

Also in Nuremberg, in the trendy Gostenhof district, surrounded by an environment with an alternative touch, chef and patron, Vadim Karasev attaches great importance to regionality and seasonality. Many of the ingredients come directly from the garlic country around the corner and in the five to seven courses of the well-thought-out menu, you can taste real depth and finesse. The atmosphere: uncomplicated and relaxed.

Dishes of the sustainable Veles Restaurant

Werder (Havel) – Alte Überfahrt 

On the promenade of the small Havel Island, the creative cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Precise craftsmanship, clear structure and beautiful balance – this is how the dishes from chef, Thomas Hübner, are characterized. In the adjoining hotel ,”Prinz Heinrich”, well-kept rooms await guests who want to stay. 

All starred restaurants in the Michelin Germany 2022 guide at a glance.