view from outdoor pool at a wellness hotel in Traben-Trabach at the Moselle
Dominik Ketz

Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort knows every trick in the book of wellness

The Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort in Traben-Trarbach is a house with history. But the hotel has slowly shed all of that and reinvented itself. And at the highest level. We are most definitely impressed!

The journey is a fun one. If you drive over the bridge from Trarbach to Traben, you will already see the Moselschlösschen on the left-hand side, an impressive and prime location. It doesn’t get any better than that. The hotel is located right on the banks of the Moselle. And as with the charm of the place, the Moselschlösschen seems like a harmonious symbiosis of past and present. To be more precise, it is an ensemble of buildings. The main building is large and half-timbered, nestled between the modern spa and a few new hotel rooms. 

The wellness area or the heart of the Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort is over 2,500 square meters in size. Despite Corona and several lockdowns, the people here dared to build a new complex. Here, the Allgäu architects from Alpstein have created a true design retreat that is already relaxing just by looking at it.

W like in Wellness

Countless relaxation areas with loungers and daybeds invite you to linger. The smooth and steamy surface of the huge, heated outdoor and indoor pool tempts you to slip in immediately. Here, the body is pampered with new energies being released, all while long lasting well-being is created. The four pillars of the spa’s overall concept – centering, flowing, nourishing and inspiring – are not only integrated into the beautiful architecture of the open spa, they also promise guests an all-round package.

If you like, you can have an individual wellness program put together upon arrival. There are six treatment rooms, additional areas for women only, a fitness studio, Kneipp pools and different saunas. An ice fountain, a snow room and the indoor pool offer you the option to cool off as well. If you prefer to relax in exclusivity, you can book the private spa. Meditation, yoga, etc. – the Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort even knows how to extend wellness to include mental well-being.

Spa lounge at wellness hotel at the moselle in Traben-Trabach
Dominik Ketz

W like in Water

Obviously, water plays a special role in the Moselschlösschen. In the wellness area, which is of course built close to the water, there is also a wave balance lounger. How can it be described? Like a waterbed, only narrower. There are many special uses for this, all of which are centered around harmonizing the body and mind in a special, slightly rocking way. The treatment itself feels a little like osteopathy or shiatsu, except that the 500 liters in the bed rock the muscles. This is a new experience and it’s quite spectacular.

W like in Wine

And since we are on the Moselle, wine also naturally plays an important role. If you like, you can take part in a wine tasting in the vinotheque and try your way through the vines of the Moselle. And yes, it’s definitely worth it. Germany’s best wines grow on soil that would be considered unsuitable for normal agricultural use. If there were no viticulture on the Moselle today, there would be more forests instead. Nevertheless, the ground seems to have been kissed by the wine muse. The gentleman at the next table says right away that the very best white wine in the world can be found right here.

A wine that has a unique character and is balanced, namely with the perfect sugar and acid content.

We’re talking about Riesling, Germany’s absolute top grape. However, the Riesling’s yield is quite modest, because it ripens very late, but still delivers a wonderful, fine, flowery and honey-sweet nectar. This knowledge can be gathered from the wine connoisseur at the next table. He himself runs a wine shop in Austria and seems to be savoring his connoisseurship. The “Kröver bare ass” is world-famous, he reports. It sounds slightly obscene, but the name actually stands for a very well-known wine in the region.

man pouring white wine, riesling, into a glass at a wine tasting
New Africa/

And if you have the time and inclination, you should perhaps let the former wine cellar from 1754 be shown to you. You may have already seen parts of the vaulted cellar when you first arrived. After all, it is now the hotel’s parking garage. By the way, the wine night market takes place there at Christmas time. The atmosphere is certainly romantic and mystical. It’s a great experience! 

M like in Moselle Cuisine

The hotel’s restaurant, “Zum Schlösschen”, also combines old and new in a refreshing way. Kitchen director, Ralf Fischer, serves delicacies from the Moselle in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, which he refines with a great feeling for aromas and ingredients. Of course, in addition to the products from the surrounding farmers, fish and wine from the Moselle are also used. Pure, uncomplicated and modern – authentic Moselle cuisine has rarely tasted so good! When the weather is nice, you can look forward to the beautiful sun terrace, and the spa bistro knows how to spoil you with natural food for a snack in between. It’s good to know that healthy food can also taste good – so there is no place for a guilty conscience when feasting!

D like in Drinks

But the culinary delights don’t have to end here. The pretty bar is legendary. Bartender Betty has already won awards for her cocktail creations. There is also a cooking school and a cult ice cream parlor, which is just a few steps away and shines with unusual types of ice cream. White wine ice cream, for example – that’s a must! 

bar keeper at hotel at moselle makes funky drinks
Dominik Ketz

And speaking of water, managing director Matthias Ganter, has another experience ready for interested hotel guests. He owns the world’s only electric amphibious vehicle, which is also very pretty to look at. And if you are interested and want to jet across the Moselle, you can ask about an excursion. This is a wet and happy pleasure, as is the entire hotel.