Panoramic view of an autumnal, misty valley in the Sauerland on the Rothaarsteig trail
Rothaarsteigverein e.V./Klaus-Peter Kappest

Hiking and Wellness in Schmallenberger Sauerland

Susanne Jung-Klotz

Sometimes, relaxation is right outside our doorstep. In this case, we find it in the beautiful Sauerland, more precisely in Schmallenberg. This historic town invites visitors to wild and romantic hikes and autumnal excursions. The cold season especially lends local meadows and forests a special charm! Accommodations are provided at the over 100-year-old Deimann Tradition Hotel. With its luxurious spa and top-notch culinary offerings, it’s perfect for discerning active vacationers. Here’s how to combine hiking and wellness in Schmallenberger Sauerland!

Forest, Wind, and Weather

Have you ever heard of wild weather hikes? With this cool trend, necessity becomes a virtue! When it’s drizzling outside and German forests are shrouded in mystical fog, it’s not time to twiddle your thumbs in the hotel room. On the contrary, this is when it becomes truly beautiful! With a rain jacket, sturdy footwear, and a hot tea in a thermos cup, head outside. In fact, there are several hiking trails that unfold their full splendor in fresh air and drizzly weather. Nature and wildlife reveal themselves in a special way that remains hidden in sunny weather.

Here in the Schmallenberger Sauerland, there are three such wild weather hikes. One of them is the exciting Rothaarsteig Audio Trail “Beech Forests around Schanze.” Along the way, you cross a suspension bridge, admire the stone artworks of the Forest Sculpture Trail, and enjoy picturesque views over the Sauerland. At the end is the Kyrill Path, which has a lot to do with wild weather! The Kyrill storm created a deep path in the forest in 2007 that is still visible today. Don’t forget: Thanks to QR codes on all information boards, hikers can listen to exciting stories about the trail.

Warmth in the Heart of it all!

Clearly, after returning from the wild weather hike, one longs for soothing warmth. Now it’s time to hang up the wet clothes and head to the sauna. The wellness hotel Deimann has five different saunas in its sauna landscape. Tired hikers can revive their senses in the tropical steam bath or under warming infrared rays. Afterward, you can relax in one of the indoor swimming pools or with a good book in the cozy fireplace room. Through the large panoramic windows, you can view the lush greenery of the romantic hotel park.

Woman receives back massage at Wellness-Hotel Deimann in the Schmallenberger Sauerland
Ydo Sol

Looking for something special? The newly renovated spa on three floors offers relaxing wellness treatments. In addition to classics in the areas of cosmetics and massage, there are also special treatments! How about the “Sauerländer Meadow Dream” or some “Wilzenberg Magic”? Inspired by the nature of the region and the aromas of the forest, these combination treatments provide an extra level of well-being.

All-Round Pampering Package Included!

Deeply relaxed, the pampering program continues in the “Hofstube Deimann.” The Michelin-starred restaurant, led by chef Felix Weber, serves puristic dishes in the style of French cuisine. With six courses, connoisseurs immerse themselves in the world of haute cuisine. Only fresh and regional products make it onto the plate. Therefore, the degustation menu adapts to the seasons, providing a surprising moment to savor! A bit simpler but equally delicious is the “Parkrestaurant.” The à-la-carte restaurant serves changing menus every evening, leaving nothing to be desired!

Seating in the wellness area of Hotel Deimann
Ydo Sol

After a long day full of adventures, vacationers retire to one of the cozy rooms or elegant suites of the five-star hotel. Now it’s just about snuggling into bed, relaxing, and reflecting on the day.