A plate of densely arranged carpaccio on an art-lit table
Flemings Hotel

Seven on a Brushstroke

Marie Tysiak

The Flemings Hotel in Wuppertal has recently been hosting the “Seven Paintings” dinner event. At this experience, not only are seven delicious and interactive courses served, but art lovers also have the chance to see seven of the world’s most famous paintings in a whole new light.

There is currently a lot happening in Wuppertal, a city that is always undergoing change. Artists from the Urbaner Kunstraum are gradually transforming the facades of buildings in the Bergisch city into an open-air museum. The new virtual reality experience at the Schwebodrom in Wuppertal-Barmen is also an experience full of enrichment. And now, the Flemings Hotel, which welcomes guests to the city just across from the newly designed train station, is also a new place to be. Not only has the hotel been redesigned in many areas (such as the reception area and the bar), but until at least the end of 2024, a very special event is taking place here: the “Seven Paintings” dinner.

The name says it all: seven paintings and a dinner. But this event has little to do with dry art. Leading the evening is the charming chef Omar, who hops around the tables as a small animated figure. Even Mona Lisa, who sits at the table as a painting, has something to say from time to time, and her creator, Leonardo da Vinci, also gets a word in. Seven courses are served, each inspired by a famous painting by various (male) artists from all of the great cultural epochs.

Get creative

How does this work in practice? Often, the guest must actively engage and unlock the art – quite literally. Sometimes, small puzzles need to be solved and a box opened (Michelangelo) to find the next delicacy. Other times, guests paint their own Jackson Pollock expressionistically with coconut paste and raw vegetables on the plate. Guests can also get creative with van Gogh. Particularly with modern artists like Banksy or Andy Warhol, modern technology comes into play once again. Several video installations on the wall and on the table make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it. From classic beef fillet to an exciting dessert made of potatoes (yes – it tastes surprisingly heavenly), the culinary journey is also a good mix.

The start-up Seven Paintings, which premiered at the Shangri-La in Dubai, is currently hosting at the Fleming Hotels in Wuppertal, Munich, Vienna, and soon Frankfurt. The seven-course experience dinner lasts 2.5 hours and costs from 129 euros per person. It can also be booked for groups and events.

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