A woman sits in the entrance of a glamping tent and looks out over a lake
Lucija Ros / unsplash

The best Glamping Spots in Germany

Glamping is camping with a pinch of glamor and a large portion of comfort. Ideally in a magnificent location and charmingly furnished. Here are our favorite glamping spots between the mountains and the sea in Germany.

Cozy up in a Tiny House

Wood-burning stove meets astronaut shower, and the well-equipped kitchenette is also a must in this super cozy tiny house. These tiny houses for either two or four people can be found in several locations in Germany. Our favorites are Amrum, Lake Salem in the Duchy of Lauenburg (in Schleswig-Holstein) or at Geltinger Bucht, which is also located in the far north. The season is usually from April to October. From 79 euros a night.

Above the Clouds in a Tree House

It’s worth gazing at the stars in the evening from between the treetops. Because they will outshine any small flashlight here. “Gut Gollin” in the Schorfheide-Gorin biosphere reserve has six romantic tree houses. An overnight stay there is always associated with a feeling of adventure in nature. If you like, you can also practise “survival training for beginners”. An overnight stay without electricity and running water is also possible on request. Don’t worry: it’s also possible. From approx. 160 euros per night.

A tree house hotel in the Uckermark, a very popular glamping destination
Baumhaushotel Uckermark

Camping in an Igloo

One thing is clear: spending your vacation here in the Allgäu in these beautiful little houses is something very special. Maybe it’s because the accommodation is a successful mix of hobbit house and Airstream camper. Ten of the igloos are right next to the bathing lake, and if you are looking for a slightly larger body of water, you can be at Lake Constance in 30 minutes. It’s also a great place for cycling and hiking! From approx. 80 euros for one night for 2 people,

Down to Earth with Gondel Gisela

Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t last two weeks here, it would be a bit small. But apart from that, Gondel Gisela is an overnight highlight. She originally comes from the French Alps, but now spends her retirement in the picturesque Black Forest at Schluchsee. If you let yourself be “rocked” to sleep here, you should be very fond of yourself: the bed in the gondola is oval and 1.35 meters by two meters at its widest point. Oh yes, you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag. From 85 euros per night,

The Glamping-Tiny-House Gisela