A forest lake in the biosphere reserve Rhön
Rhön GmbH

Forest Bathing or Stargazing in Bad Kissingen

Susanne Jung-Klotz

In everyday life, we often lack the time to pay attention to details. We rarely pause and let our eyes wander. With our goals in sight, we often forget to look up or to the side. In doing so, we miss the beauty of our world! Experiencing the surroundings consciously is possible while forest bathing in Bad Kissingen. In Germany’s most popular spa town, time moves a bit slower. Here, relaxation, tranquility, and mindfulness take center stage. And, with the help of tour guide Mario Losert, guests are taken into the wondrous world of nature!

Bathing without a Tub

The art of forest bathing originated in Japan. It’s about experiencing the forest anew, as a place of comfort. The goal is to build a connection to nature. Outside the city, one learns to rediscover their environment. Enchanted by the song of birds, the rustling of leaves in the wind, and the aromatic scent of trees, relaxation comes easily. Along the way, vacationers discover the beauty of the forest. Mario Losert opens one’s eyes to plants, trees, and the wonderful wildlife hidden in the thicket.

The "Tintenfass" forest lake in the Rhön biosphere reserve
Rhön GmbH

The tour lasts between two and four hours, during which you can hear, feel, and even taste the forest. It starts at the natural Biosphere Reserve of the Rhön. From there, the path leads deeper into the forest until everyday life is just a distant memory. The perfect adventure to switch off and let go!

Portrait of Mario Losert
Mario Losert

Stars in the Sky

Few things are more romantic than the glittering stars in the night sky. No wonder Mario Losert loves to observe them. During the “Walk through the Universe,” he wants to strengthen awareness that it doesn’t take much to explore the sky. Even with the naked eye, a variety of celestial bodies can be discovered. A clear sky without “light pollution” is crucial. Light pollution makes it difficult to see stars in cities, while in nature, they are visible without a telescope. Did you know that some stars appear reddish, while others shine more in the direction of blue?

Starry sky over the Rhön
Mario Losert

On the two-hour tour, starting at the Kissinger Gradierwerk, the guide explains exciting phenomena of nature. He elucidates how luminous shooting stars are formed, where the constellations hide, and the history of our planets. Fascinating legends from Greek antiquity are also shared, allowing listeners to drift into dreams. And with a bit of luck, participants may even see the Milky Way!

The Milky Way over Bad Kissingen
Mario Losert

By the way: The tour is worthwhile even on cloudy nights, as the guide is well-prepared for such situations!

Secret Tips for Guests

Of course, in Bad Kissingen in northern Bavaria, guests can also explore on their own. In addition to the picturesque parks of the spa town with their healing springs, there are many exciting places to visit. For example, there is the Gradierwerk. The historical building, once used for salt extraction, now serves for salt inhalation. It helps to cleanse the respiratory tract and facilitate breathing. Equally healing is the nearby Kneipp bath, which attracts visitors from all over Germany.

The rose garden in Bad Kissingen in the sunshine
Sina Ettmer Photography/shutterstock

Another highlight is the Bodenlauben Castle ruins. Here, high above the old town of Bad Kissingen, you can enjoy the picturesque sunset over the city. And while we’re on the topic of enjoyment – how about a delicious Bavarian dinner afterward? For hearty options, Bratwurstglöckle offers pork knuckles and Kaiserschmarrn. At Schuberts Wein und Wirtschaft, on the other hand, Bavarian cuisine is interpreted in a more refined manner. The Tafelspitz from the historic room is even praised by the Michelin Guide!