Exterior view of the lighthouse hotel on Lake Geierswald
TV Lausitzer Seenland/Kathrin Winkler

Winter Retreat in Lausitzer Seenland: Relaxation at Its Best

Susanne Jung-Klotz

North of Dresden, just before the Polish border, lies Lausitzer Seenland. The former mining area has transformed into a tourism hotspot in recent years, continually surprising visitors with new and innovative ideas. Where once heavy work was done, travelers can now relax to their heart’s content. Here are seven places to unwind:

Sauna on the Lake

Warmth fills the sauna raft as it leisurely drifts across Senftenberger See. Guests enjoy a beautiful view of the winter nature through large panoramic windows. Those who are feeling adventurous can jump directly from the raft into the water for a refreshing dip. And as for everyone else, they can relax on the rooftop terrace. Feeling hungry? Snacks and drinks are always available in the heated lounge. The Treib-Haus is a top-notch experience!

The unique saunas depart from Senftenberger Harbor and can be exclusively booked by couples or groups of up to twelve people. If the lake is not navigable due to weather conditions, the rafts remain in the harbor.

A Piece of Scandinavia in Saxony

Because the Mücke family loves Scandinavia, they’ve made it their goal to bring a piece of it directly to Lausitzer Seenland. And, we get to be a part of it! Right on Bärwalder See, they have created a small but fine holiday resort, consisting of eight colorfully paneled cottages and six ultra-modern Tiny Houses. Wood-fired saunas and hot tubs provide the perfect Scandinavian feeling. Ideal for a winter vacation in Lausitzer Seenland! By the way, day visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the sauna by the lake!

A Dip in the Beer Barrel

Here, drunken dreams really do come true! At Hotel Lido on Senftenberger See, guests can bathe in a beer barrel. The tub is filled with an aromatic mixture of hops, malt, yeast, and water. And it’s not just a joke for beer lovers! All ingredients actually have a healing effect on the body. Hops, belonging to the hemp family, have a calming effect on the body and mind. Yeast and malt, on the other hand, nourish the skin and detoxify simultaneously. This unique experience can be shared by wellness guests with up to three people. Afterward, it’s time to relax on the fragrant straw beds. The idea is not by chance as the log cabin hotel houses its own brewery!

Lazy Weekend in the Lighthouse

Right on Geierswalder See, a very special hotel awaits you. It’s an authentic lighthouse with red and white stripes! Whether in the tower room or in the modern extension – all rooms are decorated with great attention to detail in a maritime style.

The hotel is the perfect starting point to thoroughly explore the lake and the surrounding landscape. To warm up, head back to the beautiful wellness area with its chic sauna landscape or the bubbling outdoor hot tub. Then, treat yourself to a delicious cocktail at the Bikini Bar! Those opting for a lazy weekend in the lighthouse also get a delicious four-course dinner in the evening.

Moments of Peace in the Ayurveda Retreat

One of the prime addresses in Lausitzer Seenland remains Seeschlösschen am Senftenberger See. On a whopping 5,000 square meters of wellness landscape, guests can truly unwind. This includes several pools, a romantic garden with a bathing pond, and multiple saunas. Particularly exciting are the fireplace-heated earth sauna and the Yirti sauna. The latter is a Finnish herbal sauna located in a rustic wooden hut with a green roof.

In the nature resort, holistic Indian Ayurveda treatments are offered, ensuring an extra measure of relaxation. The range includes everything from herbal stamp massages to forehead oil applications. Interested individuals can book a package to benefit from the full range of healing arts, including informative yoga classes and Ayurvedic full board.

Sauna Spot at Senftenberg

Not sweating enough? Also located at Senftenberger Harbor is another hotspot for sauna enthusiasts! The Strandhotel Senftenberger See has opened a new wooden block sauna for its guests. The cozy hut accommodates four people and includes a bath and a relaxation area. Those who prefer cooling off in the lake rather than under the cold shower can walk to the hotel’s private boat dock and take a refreshing dip!

Also, in the modern holiday homes of Familienpark am Senftenberger See, fans of refined relaxation get their money’s worth! The modern accommodations include a private wellness area with a sauna and an outdoor terrace for relaxation and cooling down. In three recently opened holiday homes, families and couples find not only bright and modern furnished apartments but also a private wellness area with a sauna, bath, lounge, and terrace.