Market Square and Town Hall in Chemnitz
Maximilian Scheffler

The top 10 in Chemnitz

Alina Mayenfels

In 2025, Chemnitz will have a great time. That is when the third largest city in Saxony will be labeled the European cultural capital. But if you want to establish yourself as a pioneer in your circle of friends, it’s best to travel there now. Afterwards, you can shine with all your newfound knowledge before everyone else! Here’s our top 10 recommendations. 

The Castle Pond

Get out of the hustle and bustle in five minutes and into the countryside: The Schlossteich, with its green areas and dreamlike rose bushes is only a few short minutes’ walk from Chemnitz city center. The park, which formerly belonged to the Chemnitz monastery, offers enough space to linger and walk with its inviting park facilities. The magnificent trees, large meadows and numerous park benches attract many visitors every day, especially in summer. Colorful sunsets can also be admired from the benches on the eastern side of the pond. On hot summer days, you have the opportunity to rent a boat and paddle across the lake.

Pond "Schlossteich" in Saxony city of Chemnitz in Germany

Next door is the Schlossberg Museum, which is worth a visit as an alternative when dealing with bad weather. The museum, which can be reached via a small stairway, shows the history of Chemnitz and also offers one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monastery complexes in Saxony. The family café, Milchhäuschen, with the picturesque water pavilion, is located directly on the path of the castle pond. In summer, there are delicious ice cream specialties and in winter, warming mulled wine. To the right of the café – next to a park playground – is the small castle pond island, which in summer, serves as the venue for the “Fuego a la Isla festival”. You can spend countless hours in the countryside here. 

The Lulatsch

From the castle pond, it is only a short hop to the next highlight in Chemnitz: As unspectacular as an ordinary cogeneration plant may be during the day, there is no getting around saying hello to the “Lulatsch”, as the people of Chemnitz affectionately call him. Because as soon as it gets dark, the Lulatsch shines in bright colors, showing off its colorful light show. The almost 302-meter-high tower can be seen from almost anywhere in Chemnitz and also serves as a landmark for tourists. Located right in the city center, the power plant can be admired directly from one of the many parks. This is how a power plant becomes a (small) landmark. 

Chemnitz, Germany with some of its iconic sites: Fountain in the lake, castle in the park and its energy power pipe.
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The old town hall

If you stroll through the streets of the city center, you will eventually see yourself standing in front of the old town hall. The building, which was erected in the 15th century, towers venerably between the new buildings in Chemnitz’s city center and invited citizens and pilgrims to marvel and trade around 500 years ago.

Town Hall from Chemnitz in East Germany
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After a reconstruction of the magnificent building, which was severely damaged by the destruction of World War II, Chemnitz residents and tourists can now see the beautiful and historic town hall. Just the idea of ​​standing in the same place as the first lords of Chemnitz in the Gothic period or strolling through the market like the citizens of the Baroque era with their magnificent dresses and robes gives many visitors to the town hall goosebumps. After a guided tour, there is the opportunity to buy delicious regional baked goods, fruits and sweets on the market square. It is here that the whole of Chemnitz comes together almost every day, no matter the weather, to revisit an unforgotten past.  

The Red Tower

Chemnitz’s oldest and most charming building is definitely worth a visit. In the 12th century, the red structure was used to defend against enemies and can now be visited at the city’s center. The red bricks gave the tower its name back then and it is still a popular meeting place for dates today. The tower seems almost awkward as it stands there in the midst of new buildings. But in the end, it represents the history of the city with great charm. Right next to it is the “Galerie roter Turm” shopping arcade, which has a large number of shops.

If you turn around your own axis, you can see the meadows planted with tulips, which grow at the entrance to the park at the red tower. It is the perfect stopover during a visit to the city center. If you feel like listening to some live music, you don’t have to walk far either. The Stadthalle, with its atmospheric backdrop, regularly opens its doors for various events. 

Chemnitz one of the most famous building. Ancient and old building of Red tower (Roter Turm) with people walking around

The Book Cafe MyRebooks

When you enter the book café, “MyRebooks”, you don’t immediately see that something is different here. Wide bookshelves line the walls of the store and charming little things are everywhere you look. But every book here is second-hand. Not only recycling lovers and bookworms get their money’s worth here but also hungry bellies are satisfied as well. Whether frozen yoghurt or traditional Saxon dishes – everything here is of regional origin and tastes great too. Those who inform themselves beforehand on the website may have the chance to be part of one of the events. Young and new artists often present their new works and hold readings while you settle into one of the comfortable armchairs with a cup.

Rebooks Secondhand Book Café in Chemnitz
Alina Mayenfels

Karl’s head

Anyone who comes to Chemnitz knows that they will meet someone here: Karl Marx. Of course, there is a monument worthy of him in the “Karl-Marx-Stadt”. Right in the center, near the shopping arcade, is the 7-meter-high head on a plinth. Since 1971, the magnificent monument has adorned the intersection of the Street of Nations. Anyone passing by here will automatically be reminded of a time steeped in history. And for those traveling on business, the Dorint Kongresshotel is just a stone’s throw away. In the evening, the 091 – a popular club – is within walking distance, where you can enjoy a Saxon beer in good company. 

Karl Marx Monument in Chemnitz
Maximilian Scheffler


Sachsenallee, a must for all shopping enthusiasts, is located just outside of the Chemnitz city center. The huge shopping center is completely covered by a glass roof and is therefore flooded with light, especially on sunny days. The well over 80 shops range from clothing to furnishings and even grocery stores. Since shopping is known to make you hungry, the shopping center also provides enough choice in this regard. A variety of cafes and restaurants will silence any hungry stomach. 

The Küchwald Park

The Küchwaldpark borders directly on the castle pond. Almost 20 kilometers long, it offers enough space for long walks or picnics with the whole family. The little ones get their money’s worth on the huge adventure playground and in the spring and summer months you can take a ride on the picturesque train. How popular the Küchwaldpark is with the people of Chemnitz can be seen from the number of events that take place every year on the associated meadows – then people dance, sing or listen to readings. Anyone who wants to enjoy peace, relaxation and a natural feeling close to the city should visit the 140-year-old green belt. Big and small hearts of explorers can admire a variety of species here or cool off in the small estuaries.

Forest road in the Küchwald
Alina Mayenfels


The lively beach bar, located directly on the Chemnitz River, provides a pure summer feeling when it gets warm! The bar with adjoining beer garden offers everything your heart desires. Whether you make yourself comfortable in the sun lounger and dig your feet in the soft sand or work out with activities such as yoga or volleyball, one thing is certain: the whole family will have fun here. The delicious drinks and the tropical ambience attract numerous visitors. The Uferstrand (shoreline beach) is also loved by the people of Chemnitz for its fantastic event locations. Whether a party, wedding or class reunion – from casual to chic, there is something for everyone.

Uferstrand, a popular bar and event location in Chemnitz
Alina Mayenfels

In the evening, the in-house pizzeria ”Papa Pizza” prepares delicious delicacies while you watch the sunset from one of the beer benches. And, if you have the right timing, you might have the opportunity to experience one of the popular summer parties that take place annually on the banks of the Chemnitz. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can quickly find a quiet spot on foot from the beach. Numerous benches along the Chemnitz invite you to linger and sit in the sun.

The Saxon Industrial Museum

From the numerous estuaries of the Chemnitz River in the city center, it is not far to another must-see of the city. So, if you’re looking for a bit of history after a long stroll along the banks of the river, you won’t be disappointed here either.

The Saxon Industrial Museum offers visitors a fascinating insight into the development of German engineering. People, both young and old, marvel at numerous historical objects such as cars and various machines. The relatively small museum has an imposing entrance and an oversized steam engine on display. A visit is worthwhile for technology enthusiasts, especially in summer, when the stay can be combined with a visit to the Kaßberg – Chemnitz’s alternative district. There, numerous small parks, organic bakeries and playgrounds invite you to spend the day with the whole family.