Things to do in Bremen: Visiting its historical centre of the medieval city while sunset

A perfect visit to Bremen

City trips are hectic? City trips are stressful? The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is perfect proof that visiting a new city can turn out to be the best vacation ever. Things to do in Bremen, including a visit to Grimm Brothers’ famous Bremen Town Musicians.

Relax by the river

Like an artery, the Weser runs through the heart of the city. Historically, the river made Bremen an important center of marine trading. Bringing fame and fortune, transforming Bremen into a proud Hanseatic City. Today, the Weser is the perfect place for a couple of free hours. Sit on the riverbank, listen to the cries of the seagulls, and enjoy the sunshine on your face. It’s a great place to just soak up the atmosphere and savor the moment. If the weather permits, head to the waterfront at “Schlachte“. And chill on the terrace of one of the many cozy cafés and restaurants.

Keen to try some Northern German treats? Head no further than the beer garden of Feldmann’s . Slightly more intrepid gourmets can try out Bremer Labskaus. That is a traditional hash for sailors and fishermen, served with Rollmops (rolled fillets of pickled herring), beetroot, fried egg and pickles. Or would you rather try fresh pan-fried plaice with bacon? The truly adventurous visitor should sample Knipp; a special local dish, a little like a north-German haggis. Whatever you eat, the wonderful views of the pier, where modern ships lay side by side with historic boats, add to the flavor. A short ferry ride away, just on the other side of the riverbank, there’s even a wide sandy beach to enjoy, right in the middle of the city.     

Botany for everyone

Bremen’s pretty Rhododendronpark has more to offer than just beautiful flowers. Head over to the botanika  in the middle of this botanical garden. At its green Discovery Centre you’ll learn all about the botanical diversity of Asia. From Japanese Zen gardens to the rainforests of Borneo and the valleys and peaks of the Himalayas. The botanika takes you on a journey across 5.000m² of fascinating landscapes filled with rare plants and exotic animals. At the Kingdom of the Butterflies, visitors can walk among 700 free-flying butterflies, from 60 different species.

The flower of a rhododendron in purple
Lukas Rawa

The Rhododendronpark itself is worth a visit too. With the first days of spring arrive, a feast for the eyes begins. That’s when more than 600 different kinds of rhododendron (representing about 60% of the world’s species) start to bloom in all kinds of colors and tones. A spectacular display of nature. The park is Germany’s biggest collection of rhododendrons. Only second in the world to the collection of the royal family in the UK. 

The 46 hectares of park area also communicate a very important message. Since 2003, the park has served as a “Garden of Human Rights“. While wandering through the rhododendrons and azaleas, visitors will find bronze plaques between the greenery, displaying the 30 articles of the UN Convention on Human Rights. The display forms part of a worldwide art project by the French artist, Francoise Schein.

More things to do in Bremen

Short distances, flat land, pathways through nature and plenty to see along the way: Bremen invites you to bike it!  There are numerous adventurous cycle routes throughout the city. Just download the free app for detailed information on different routes in multiple languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian). All you need is your smartphone to navigate. Don’t worry about roaming costs; you can follow the route while your phone is offline.

Two of the latest routes: City, Countryside, Creatives invites you to discover the green outskirts of the city. The highlight on this 60-kilometer tour is the artists‘ community, Worpswede. 

If you prefer to stay within the city limits, this 15-kilometer route might be the one for you. On Coffee, Quays and Culture, you’ll pass by the old harbor with its historic warehouses and storage rooms, as well as the innovative architecture of Bremen’s Überseestadt district. If you get a flat tire along the way, don’t panic; the app will show you the way to the nearest repair station. And if you can’t pack your bike to bring with you, Bremen Tourism rents them out for just € 25 per week.