Two women doing yoga on SUP on the Baltic Sea

Excitement on a Board: Six Creative SUP Trends on the Baltic Sea

Susanne Jung-Klotz

Stand Up Paddling is a trend that nobody could overlook in recent years. When paddling on the board over the water, you can leisurely enjoy the surrounding nature and truly breathe in the moment. It’s a perfect combination of sports and leisure! And SUP offers even more possibilities, as the exciting offers in Schleswig-Holstein prove. These include paddling with dogs, using XXL SUPs, and even practicing yoga on the board. Here are six creative SUP trends on the Baltic Sea.

Clear Views with Glass-Bottom SUP

Riding a glassSUP feels almost like walking on water. During tours, you can observe the underwater world and spot a fish or two. Thanks to special lighting, you can even do this at night! The transparent boards can be rented in Heikendorf and at the Kiel Fjord. They are suitable for both beginners and experts. If you’re not ready to stand on the board, you can kneel or simply sit.

People sit on glass SUPs at night | Oliver Franke

SUP with a Relaxation Factor

For those who want to return from a water excursion deeply relaxed, try SUP Yoga. This involves performing various exercises combined with breathing techniques directly on the board. Positive side effects include stress reduction, improved balance, and strengthened muscles. As with yoga, everyone can participate at their own pace. This unusual water sport is perfect for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Man doing yoga on a SUP

Bringing Along Your Canine Companion

If you prefer to have your best friend around you all the time, take your dog with you on the SUP. In the Holsteinische Schweiz region, this is no problem. Taffe Tölen offers dog experience training, where dogs and their owners can glide over the water together. To succeed, mutual trust is crucial. The experience is not only tremendous fun for both, but also strengthens the bond between humans and animals.

Woman with dog on SUP

XXL Fun with Monster SUPs for the Whole Team

You find SUP cool, but would rather do something with your whole group or family? Then Monster SUP is the ideal solution. These oversized Stand-Up Boards can accommodate up to ten people. Good coordination and a bit of teamwork are important. If you’re lucky, you can just lean back, enjoy the ride, and let the others paddle. You can rent these giant SUPs at various stations along the coast and in the Holsteinische Schweiz region.

Group SUP Tours

Not everyone enjoys the simple pleasure of paddling back and forth. That’s why in Schleswig-Holstein, plenty of unique tours are offered. On Lake Pönitz near Scharbeutz, for example, there’s a sundowner SUP tour. On Fehmarn Island, two special treats await: first, you paddle under the impressive Fehrmarn Sound Bridge, then there’s a relaxed snack break on the beach. How about paddling to another country? From Glücksburg, groups of up to six people can paddle to the Ochsen Islands in Denmark. A stop for Danish soft ice cream and delicious hot dogs are ideal refreshments. With some luck, you might even see porpoises!

Several people on SUP in the Baltic Sea | Oliver Franke

A SUP Experience for Everyone

At the Watersports School Watersports4all in Großenbrode, inclusion is paramount! They offer the SUP Experience for absolutely everyone. With the help of experienced instructors, people with intellectual or physical disabilities, and even wheelchair users can explore the water on the boards. The focus is on ensuring that everyone can participate according to their abilities.

People, some with wheelchairs, on a suitable SUP