Panoramic view from the sky ,drone view at the river Rhein and Mosel by Koblenz, Deutsches Eck, Festung Ehrenbreitstein
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Four Reasons to Visit Koblenz

Between Cologne and Frankfurt lies the beautiful city of Koblenz. And to ensure that you don’t just drive by, we’ll briefly explain why you should spend one or more days here. That Koblenz in Germany is absolutely worth seeing, you realize only when you have reached a certain age. It’s not your place if you are looking for the next biggest party. But if you want to discover areal gem, visit the city on the Rhine and Moselle.

It’s the Location

The ancient Romans once christened the city Confluentes, a name derived from the city’s location at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. The city stretches out on both sides of these rivers, so that you are virtually everywhere close to the water or looking down on it from above. Because Koblenz lies on the foothills of three low mountain ranges (Hunsrück, Eifel and Westerwald), the landscape here is quite hilly and many parts of the city are on slopes.

From almost everywhere you can see the Ehrenbreitstein fortress enthroned on the other side of the Rhine. From there you definitely have the best view of the top of the Deutsches Eck with the monument of the first German emperor Wilhelm I. Today, fortunately, you no longer have to hike to the top or drive up by car. The way to Ehrenbreitstein is much nicer, because a gondola goes up. And from the cable car you already have an impressive view. There you can already watch the ships sailing over the rivers.

Tip: If you take the cable car up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, you should choose a combination ticket that also includes admission to the fortress. This is the only way to get to the large panorama terrace with a magnificent view.

View over Koblenz and the rivers Rhine and  Moselle from Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

The Old Town

The old town of Koblenz with its many historic squares and buildings from different centuries is also particularly worth seeing. It is best to simply drift through the many alleys, discover fountains, monuments and churches and let the cheeky mascot of the city, the Schängelchen, spit water at you. Squares such as Plan, Münzplatz, Jesuitenplatz or Görresplatz are home to numerous nice cafés and restaurants for all tastes, and small boutiques offer handicrafts and other souvenirs.

Colorful facades of historical houses in Koblenz, Germany

Tip: From the Balduin Bridge, which leads across the Moselle from the Lützel district, you have a wonderful view of the old town with Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in the background.

The Locals

Wherever you go in Koblenz, friendliness greets you. The people of Koblenz are warm and open and have something of that slightly mischievous nature that is also said to be associated with the people of Cologne. The Rhineland, after all. And the people of Koblenz also love their carnival, or better: the Faasenacht, where neither “Helau!” nor “Alaaf” can be heard, but rather the unanimous “Kowelenz Olau”!

Jesuiten Square in Koblenz, Germany
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The Area

Almost more beautiful than Koblenz itself is the surrounding area, which boasts numerous castles, palaces and romantic wine villages. That’s why you should definitely combine a visit to Koblenz with an excursion, for example with a bike tour or, for the less sporty, with a boat trip up the Rhine through the spectacular Upper Middle Rhine Valley, past Stolzenfels Castle, Marksburg Castle, Katz and Maus Castle and the Loreley. Numerous providers offer appropriate excursions of varying lengths at the boat landing stages along the Rhine.

The route through the Rhine Valley is also worthwhile by train, ideally traveling to one side of the Rhine and back on the other to see as much as possible. Advantage: You can get off wherever you like and also visit a castle. There are also excursions along the Moselle and a beautiful train route. Especially in autumn, wine villages like Winningen, Dieblich or Kobern-Gondorf offer numerous wine festivals.

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