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Indoor fun in the Lüneburg Heath 

Jan Niklas Andresen

If the weather doesn’t really play along while on holiday in the Heide, there are alternatives that are guaranteed to save the day. Indoor activities around Lüneburg Heath.

The weather is miserable as one looks out of the window of their apartment. It’s clear that the day will be a gray one. The kids are already bored and Netflix can’t be the savior every day. Fortunately, the Lüneburg Heath has been upgraded for this. 

On dreary days, the wide indoor program lifts one’s spirits. In Europe, it will be difficult to find as many leisure attractions as there are here in a comparably large area, where fun and action are guaranteed. 

3D black light mini golf: a real neon FRENZY

The name alone sounds cosmopolitan: Adventure District Bispingen. Only recently opened and already so much variety can be found under one roof here. Five wow worlds await which include a 3D Blacklight Minigolf District, a 3D Trickart Illusion District, a Mystery Labyrinth District, a Laser District and a Gaming District.

Large and small visitors alike are fascinated by the larger-than-life ornate murals by 3D Trickart Illusion. Through optical illusions, you sit in the mouth of a primeval monster, fight with a T-Rex or surf the ultimate wave. The 3D Blacklight Minigolf course immerses the player in different seemingly realistic worlds.

Super Mario Kart: LIVE 

The BattleKart drivers have been experiencing the ultimate rush on the track since the summer of 2021 in Bispingen. Because in the BattleKart, which is unique in Germany, no two rounds are the same. A hall with an area of ​​2,000 square meters becomes a virtual world of experience – as if you were in an interactive video game like Super Mario Kart. Up to twelve electric karts are on the laser-projected track at the same time. There are five game variants to choose from, in which, among other things, rockets can be collected, oil barrels knocked over or giant soccer balls can be moved. 32 projectors project the images onto the floor, while music and light effects support the fast-paced racing fun. Anyone taller than 1.45 meters can get in, buckle up and leave everyone else in the dust!

Feel like Mario Kart art BattleKart Bispingen near Lüneburg Heath
BattleKart Bispingen

Bang, Bang, you’re out!

Here, speed, quick reactions and good skill lead to victory at the Nova Lasertag center in Lüneburg. The futuristic trend sport takes place on a well thought out 800 square meter playing area with UV lighting and a modern light show, ensuring great indoor fun for participants aged ten and over. Running, crouching, hiding, being alert and acting wisely are skills that challenge young and old alike and are, of course, great fun. Extra dense fog as well as other special game features increase the pulse even more. The state-of-the-art equipment, consisting of a sensor vest and an infrared signal transmitter, allows the event to run smoothly and makes Nova Lasertag one of the largest and most modern arenas in northern Germany.

Jump for joy!

The adventure land trampoline park works with fewer effects but the age old idea of simply jumping on the trampoline is a thing of the past. Here, you can sink slam dunks or jump over a rotating bar during a wipe out. With the zipline, the brave can jump from the ceiling through the hall. Of course, there is also a ninja course.

Indoor activities Lüneburg Heath: Abenteuerland Trampolinpark
Abenteuerland Trampolinpark

The exact game descriptions as well as opening hours, entrance fees and Directions can be found on the Lüneburg Heath website.