bicycling in Upper Swabia in Germany
Oberschwaben Tourismus GmbH/Frank Müller

Guaranteed variety: holidays in Upper-Swabia-Allgäu 

Simone Sever

Whether it’s high-profile events or some carefree moments – a holiday in guaranteed variety: holidays in Upper-Swabia-Allgäu opens up unimagined possibilities for guests. Here, you can cycle through medieval towns, discover the culinary specialties of the region or simply immerse yourself in the baroque past. We’ll tell you how and where to do it.

An insight into historic and strange customs 

Everyone who is interested in unusual tours in Upper-Swabia-Allgäu can get undreamt-of insights into baroque treasure chambers, eerie cellars, magnificent castle and cottage gardens, venerable monasteries and hearty breweries. In the sun-kissed village of Wangen in the Allgäu, an entertaining city tour shows the lifestyle of the Allgäu people and brings charismatic personalities and curious customs to life. In Weingarten, the theatrical tour from the monastery bakers attracts many while in Biberach, visitors can walk in the footsteps of writers, weavers, executioners and , of course, all the extraordinary things about the strong women. And, on the tasting tour in Leutkirch, the culinary side of the town is showcased.

city tour in Wangen in Oberschwaben-Allgäu in Germany
Gästeamt Wangen/Sabrina Schindzielorz

Baroque buildings and beautiful castles 

Idyllic ponds, grazing cows and breathtaking castles: This is how Oberschwaben-Allgäu presents itself to visitors.Along the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, the glamorous heritage is celebrated once a year during the Baroque Week. It’s here where culinary excursions tempt you to a baroque feasting, where closed doors open into the magnificent rooms of the rococo and extraordinary concerts bring the era of exuberance towards you. The annual Castle Experience Day is also magical. On this day, the most beautiful castles open their gates and take visitors back in time.

monastery inBad Schussenried in Germany
Christiane Würtenberger

Endless cycling fun 

Upper-Swabia-Allgäu is a paradise for cyclists – the Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) has declared the official leisure region in the south of Baden-Württemberg three times now. So, get on your bike and cycle 156 kilometers south on the Danube-Lake Constance cycle path from Ulm through medieval towns, seas of hills and hop plantations. Or, discover the Upper-Swabia-Allgäu Cycle Path, which runs 365 kilometers from Ulm past enchanting castles, rustic cheese dairies and the treasures of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. If you like, you can follow one of the 13 themed routes of the cycle path network, through mysterious moors on the “Black Gold” route, for example. Or, would you rather follow the seamless signs in the direction of »Himmelswiesen« or »Alpenvorfreude«? Of course, all routes can be combined and offer first-class services along the way.

two women with bicycles in Upper Swabia
Stefan Kuhn

Cheese in front of the backdrop 

The lively, colorful weekly markets as well as grocers’ markets in Upper-Swabia-Allgäu are certainly among the most beautiful in the whole country. Whether in Biberach, in Wangen im Allgäu, in Meßkirch or Weingarten, the markets on cobblestone squares, all against an historical backdrop, offer inviting market stalls with handmade mountain cheese from the Allgäu, shiny organic apples, hearty ham and also fragrant herbs. A special feature awaits you in Ravensburg, where visitors can immerse themselves in the old market tradition on a guided tour and enjoy numerous culinary delicacies and hear anecdotes about them. And, if you stop in Bad Saulgau, you should definitely stroll along the market with the original and market-buddler, Franz Mickle.

market in Wangen in the South of Germany
Oberschwaben Tourismus GmbH/Stefan Kuhn