Guests eat in front of an underwater backdrop projected onto the wall in the "eatrenalin" gastronomy experience at Europa-Park in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg: An Extraordinary Culinary Experience

Simone Sever

Tasty food and good drinks provide a treat for the taste buds in the culinary paradise of Baden-Württemberg. This long and proud tradition is appreciated not only by gourmets but also by pleasure-seeking hikers, culture enthusiasts, and wine aficionados. However, southern Germany offers more than just delicious cuisine. If you’re looking for an extra culinary kick and special food events, you’ll be delighted by our unique culinary experiences in special places.

Soaring with Wine

With a glass of wine in hand, take to the skies in a hot air balloon over the unique landscapes and steep terraced vineyards along the Enz River. During a hot air balloon ride with wine tasting in the Lembergerland around Rosswag, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine, enjoying breathtaking panoramic views. Upon landing, a red carpet is rolled out, and the journey concludes with a balloon baptism and a delightful snack.

A hot air balloon with the inscription "Lembergerland" takes off
Lembergerland Kellerei Rosswag eG

Picnic with a View

The saying “you eat with your eyes” becomes evident during a picnic by Lake Constance. In the mild climate of the region, fruits, vegetables, and wine flourish, developing their own unique flavors. Add to that the stunning views stretching to the Alps. With the Überlingen picnic backpack, visitors can experience the landscape with all their senses and have a plethora of choices. Interested in sitting lakeside or at the edge of the forest? Need a clear view of the Alps? Want to wander through lush orchard meadows or do some garden hopping? Oh, and what type of backpack experience do you prefer? The dietary options range from classic to vegan and always include tips for tours and other delightful spots. Truly some of the most unique food experiences in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Three people sit with a rucksack on Lake Constance and drink wine
Überlingen Marketing und Tourismus GmbH

Modern Wine Festival

Enchanting vineyard landscapes with young winemakers, sunshine, and music, along with regional snacks and, of course, excellent local wine. These are the perfect ingredients for reimagining a classic wine festival. At such a pop-up event in the vineyard, guests have the opportunity to get to know the terroir, the work, and the wines of the young Weinsüden generation in a relaxed atmosphere right on-site. And, of course, there’s tastings, discussions, relaxation, and above all, a truly magnificent celebration to experience.

Several people sitting at beer tent sets in the middle of a vineyard

Cross-Border Delight

For fifteen years, connoisseurs and nature lovers have been gathering at the Fohrenbühl mountain pass in the Black Forest. Between April and October, four inns – two Baden and two Swabian – invite visitors to “feast and stroll.” Borders of villages, districts, and states are crossed during this culinary journey. The Hornberger Landgasthof Schwanen serves an aperitif and soup. Gasthof Adler in Lauterbach, located on the former border between Württemberg and Baden, offers the second course. The main course awaits at the Landhaus Lauble. And at the Gasthof Gedächtnishaus, participants can look forward to the crowning conclusion and dessert.

Rothaus Food Festival

Every year in early September, food trucks from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland gather in the Black Forest. Certainly, no one wants to miss the Food Truck Festival at the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus. This event brings together the most renowned representatives of the German-speaking street food scene. The home of the beloved beer specialty Tannenzäpfle becomes a huge open-air restaurant. The creative culinary creations not only delight burger and burrito enthusiasts but also true gourmets. Live bands and, of course, the brewery’s own beers complete the experience.

Two people serve food from a food truck. In the foreground is a sign with the inscription "6th Inter / Foodtruck / Rothaus"
Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG/ Thomas Niedermüller

Treetop Dining

Dining in a tree? At the “Dinner im Baum” in the Schönbuch Nature Park at the Waldseilgarten Herrenberg, adventure and gourmet experiences are combined in a unique way. Before embarking on the climbing course, a safety briefing is required. High in the treetops, a spectacular view awaits, along with a three-course meal and an aperitif. The dishes and drinks are delivered by pulley. This Germany-wide unique dinner experience requires some degree of fearlessness. There is a total of ten such tree tables for two people.

The Restaurant of the Future

The goal of the Eatrenalin experience restaurant in the Europa-Park in Rust is to evoke emotions through food. Guests at the gastronomy event in Germany’s largest amusement park are taken on an approximately two-hour journey for all the senses. On specially designed multifunctional floating chairs, various fantastic worlds await, along with an eight-course menu influenced by modern and international flavors. The self-proclaimed “restaurant of the future” amazes and delights adventurous diners with its multisensory offerings.

Exterior view of the "Eatrenalin" adventure restaurant at Europapark