Finger food platter at Soi 39

Three Cool Restaurants in Mannheim

Mannheim, a literal quadratic city, melting pot and perhaps even a Mecca of gastronomy? According to Dennis Maier, it most certainly is. The head chef led the Michelin-starred restaurant Emma Wolf until 2021 and is well-acquainted with Mannheim’s foodie scene. Here are three of his insider tips.

Soi 39

Visnee Lips delicately arranges the edible betel leaves next to colorful bowls. Then she shows Dennis how to fold the Asian leaves and fill them with lime slices, coconut flakes, shrimp, and a dollop of sauce. “You would get Miang Kham exactly like this in Bangkok,” the chef of Soi 39 proudly reveals. “And I’ve only eaten it like this here,” Dennis adds. Authenticity is extremely important to the Thai chef. She strictly adheres to local ingredients and recipes, cooking Pad Thai, for example, just like her mother did 40 years ago. “My mom also had a Thai restaurant, and I grew up in the kitchen. In February 2019, I opened Soi 39 with my family.” And thus, according to Dennis, it is the best Thai restaurant in Mannheim. His personal recommendation: come with friends and order a round of Miang Kham, Pad Thai, papaya salad, and a delicious iced tea.

Owner Visnee Lips prepares a dish behind the counter in her restaurant Soi 39 in Mannheim.

Pita-Pita Grill Store

It’s easy to overlook but definitely not easy to ignore. The party music blares too loudly from the narrow Greek fast-food stand near Mannheim’s train station. Behind the counter of Pita-Pita Grill Store are two cheerful young Greeks who quickly whip up flavorful Pita (filled pita bread), Psomaki (filled flatbread), and Skepasti (a kind of Pita burger). The place is well-visited, and Dennis also likes to come here: “The homemade creams give these relatively simple dishes that special something. And on some days, having fries in the Pita and the option to get it baked with cheese is simply perfect!” Dennis’ tip for summer: Eat the Pita on Friedrichsplatz across the street and come back for a vanilla-chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

Snocks Coffee

Philipp watches intently as Dennis cuts the fried egg on the avocado toast and laughs with relief when the yolk runs over the bread: “the perfect consistency.” Snocks Coffee is proud of its breakfast, and rightfully so, according to Dennis, who loves visiting the cafe. “I love the pancakes, but I can also recommend the pumpkin chutney, New York cheesecake, and the Pimientos. With the international variety, there’s something for every flavor pallet,” reveals the Mannheimer. Philipp opened the café in 2021 together with the Mannheim lifestyle brand “Snocks.” They have created a place where you can spend enjoyable hours and take away beautiful souvenirs. The café sells coffee beans, ceramics, and other Snocks related products.

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