der Ratskeller in Bremen
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Bremen in Party Mode


The first thoughts about Bremen? Diversity and contrasts! On the one hand, the smallest federal state with a city center that looks like the setting of a medieval Netflix series while on the other hand, its people are traditionally open-minded and modern – and in the summer, they’re real party animals!

There are so many good reasons to visit Bremen: The Bremen Town Musicians, the Roland on the historic marketplace, the Böttcherstraße, the idyllic Schnoorviertel and, of course, the Weser meadows. One of the more typical and well known but still predominantly undiscovered tourist corners of the young Hanseatic city is the “Ostertor scene district”. The Bremers themselves call it simply “The Quarter”. Students, artists, and creative weirdos live here, surrounded by pubs, restaurants, and individual shops. A special feature of “The Quarter” is the colorful street art everywhere. Bremen’s “KunstKucken” is the title given to the city’s street art themed tour. In about two hours, the tour takes you on a journey as you gaze at many interesting works of art throughout Bremen’s city centre.

Schnoorviertel Bremen in summer in the sun
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Music at heart

The Town Musicians of Bremen – Besides the Grimm fairytale, Bremen is known for music, obviously. And yes, Bremen serves every genre you can imagine. Whether it’s hard on the edge punk, classic rock’n roll or soft tones from singer-songwriters, even the most obscure music fan’s heart will find plenty of inspiration and pleasure here. Anticipation can already start at the sight of the program of the Seebühne (in July – for more info, see below) this summer. Stewart Copeland will be performing there. All year round the finest sounds can be heard at these legendary locations: The “Tower” (where, for example, the charming Lina Maly performs in October) or the “Glocke”, which is more focused on classical music – but not only! Spoiler alert: On October 6, “Element of Crime” with Bremen veteran, Sven Regener, will drop by the Glocke where he’ll sing in his native language (German, obviously) to an international audience.

Bremen town musicians
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Any interest in tranquil nature in the city center?

In that case, a stroll through Bremen Wallanlagen would be a good plan. These are some of the most popular green areas in downtown Bremen. The 32-hectare moat area once made Bremen a defensible city; today, residents meet there to enjoy the sun, meet with friends or reflect on all the art they soaked in at the Kunsthalle which is located directly on the ramparts.  

Enjoy Bremen – summer events at their best

Poetry on the Road, June 23rd – 25th  

For over 20 years, the international literature festival has been a fixed date in the cultural life of the city. Readers, listeners, and authors have the unique opportunity to meet poets from all over the world and exchange ideas with each other. Poetry also finds its place, especially in connection with other arts, such as visual sound poetry, performance, or musical adaptations. Bremen really is a free port and cosmopolitan metropolis of international poetry. 

British artist Jamie Cullum on stage in Bremen at the summer event called Seebühne
Foto: Sascha Schröder/Seebühne Bremen

Seebühne, June 30th – July 23rd

Once again, the Metropol Theater Bremen makes the “Waterfront” quake! For two years now, the theater has been providing spectacular waterfront events. This year’s Seebühne will be opened with the “Great Radio Bob Opening”, followed by the impressive Julia Engelmann, who enchants the audience with her profound thoughts and gentle sounds. But do you also know Steward Copeland of the famous band “Police”? No? Then it’s time to! The man is an icon on the drums, and his songs are just as good as those of his former bandmate, Sting. So don’t hesitate to go! 

Illuminated tent of Bremen's summer event Breminale
Foto: WFB/Jens Hagens

Breminale, July 12th -16th  

For five exciting days a year, stages and stands illuminate the Bremer Osterdeich: a colorful program of music, art, and culture promises this year’s Breminale between July 12th and July 16th. Free of charge and outdoors is the motto of the festival, where traditional boundaries are explored. With a creative and diverse mix of podcast festival, rap concert, or even neo-punk from the Ruhr area, anything is possible on the banks of the Weser in Bremen – including entertaining children’s activities on the Radio Bremen stage.

Musikfest Bremen, August 19th – September 9th  

Do you want to experience the sublime solemnity of classical music? Then you shouldn’t miss the “Musikfest Bremen” this summer! The event will take place for the 34th time, with concerts at more than 20 venues throughout the region. A whopping 40 concerts will strike the right note for a good evening’s entertainment. The opening on the festively illuminated Bremer Marktplatz will give you a taste of the coming three weeks. “A Great Night Music” is the opening piece that brings together different styles, epochs, and genres. The Budapest Festival Orchestra, Christian Brückner & Michael Wollny, and the Tölzer Knabenchor are just some of the musical protagonists.

Cool location of Bremen Musikfest
Foto: WFB/Jonas Schmidt

Shakespeare in the Park, August 23rd – 27th  

The annual “Shakespeare in the Park” festival will open on August 23 with the play “Pinocchio.” Surprisingly, the performance is only for adult audiences, even though the play was not written by Shakespeare himself but by the talented authors, Johanna Schall and Grit van Dyk. As always, the festival promises a proven program by the renowned Bremer Shakespeare Company, with classics such as “The Comedy of Errors,” “Macbeth,” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, all of which are performed in beautiful surroundings on the Melcherswiese in the Bürgerpark. Definitely worth a visit, especially if you like theater and love drama.

Jazzahead! 2024

Jazz fans watch out – we have something very special in store for you, the Jazzahead! This magnificent trade fair and festival takes place in Bremen every year at the end of April and is the industry meeting point of the German jazz scene. And, what makes this event so cool is that the trade fair is preceded by a festival dedicated entirely to jazz!

SummerSounds 2024

Inspiring music and culture on a total of four stages – from juggling theater to jazz concerts, Rudelsingen (imagine karaoke but with a group of people singing together like a choir) and even German indie rock bands, the atmosphere of SommerSound is relaxed with plenty of opportunities to get energetic. The next SommerSounds will take place in 2024.

Long Nights of Museums 2024

Want to enjoy Bremen’s museums on an a special occasion? Anyone who participates in the Long Night of Museums can stroll through the exhibition rooms without time pressure. However, there may still be a tight schedule, because there are about 30 museums and galleries to visit. That sounds like a culturally exciting evening. The next night will take place in 2024.

La Strada 2024  

The International Street Performance Festival at the marketplace and at the Bremen ramparts promises a unique experience full of art, poetry and fun! Street artists from all over the world demonstrate their skills. Visitors can expect a mix of pantomime, acrobatics, and experimental theater. The next street performance festival will take place in 2024.

La Strada Summer Event Bremen
Foto: WFB/Jonas Schmidt